20121121|11/24-12/03 Sockaroos Taipei Exhibition X 創作分享圈 URS155


About Roomism

國籍:Malaysian, Singapore 


創作媒介: Digital Art, Fabric, plastic & etc.

Roomism Design Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore it established by Nana Pong and Chong Wei Loon since 2006. Nana Pong was trained as an interior designer. Chong Wei loon was a graphic designer. We mainly doing illustrations for advertising agencies, on the other hand we also working on our own creations.


Q: Why do you start doing creative work.

It’s all started from a tour, I found the courage of using my own way to create something that I want and also to play with.



Q: When was the time and why do you choose the material for your creation? 

When we first started at year 2005 using some material that is easy to get and low on cost is our main concern, that is why we used old clothes, socks and papers on our creations. Now we are not restrict on any materials, as long as we think it is suitable and unique.  



Q: What does these artworks mean to you?

My artwork is a way for me to release my emotions, though the artworks I can say something that I can’t express in the real world, even doing something that I can’t do in the real world without any pressure or restrictions.



Q: What message you want to convey through the works?

I’d like the viewer to see a different world from the characters point of view.



Q: What do you think about Cooking Together to the artists?

It is very good opportunity for creators coming from all around the world to experience the beauty of Taiwan through the people and cultures. The building and the environment do let us have the taste of Taiwan. And I think this is a brilliant place for us to exchange experiences with other creators.



About Roomism

憑空的想像衍生自 Roomism 的藝。具象,進化成了所有的感觀。抽象,给我們力量創造人們的想像還未曾踏足的視像。競逐墨汁、紙張、布料及所有已知素材,現實與幻想交織於我們的創作中。

A figment of imagination spawns from the artistry of Roomism. Iconic and evolutionary, they escape into the senses of all.Abstraction, never the unthinkable has given us power to create on understated humanly visions. Racing to the limits of ink, paper, fabric and medium possibly known, the establishment of facts and fiction conjoin at our creation.